Monday, January 31, 2011

Okay, deep breath. In through your nose, out through your mouth. So it's late again, and I should be in bed, so we will just start calling this CRAZY TIME because I kind of turn in to a looney toon. It's all the lack of people talking or crying at the same time that does it to me.

So here is the short list on what all the crazies at my house are doing. I'll keep it concise so you don't zone out after the first sentence.

Kyle- hmmmm, not in love with his job (I'm trying to be polite), looking for jobs in Portland, holds Ella a lot, gets hurt by Ethan a lot, gets confused by Jackson a lot (because of the oppositness of their personalities), does way too much for me- a lot.

Bonnie- chasing the children, trying to find motivation to care, teaching piano and aerobics, and trying not to freak out on a regular basis

Jackson- hero is Bill Nye the Science Guy. Hates sports, hates confrontatio
n, obsessed with the Wii and his DS, asked me today what aggressive means and then asked me if he was aggressive. I had a good laugh at that one.

Ethan- The aggressive question would be a resounding YES here. Also obsessed with the Wii and DS, but just as obsessed with Dinosaurs and his baby sister. Ella is already scared of him, and for good reason

Ella- getting more and more feisty everyday. Don't pull on her arm or even dare to put her on her belly, she will never forgive you--well not at least for a few hours. She needs to remember she is on my team. Also, she is sleeping like a champ at night. Yes, I am rubbing that in your face.

Feeling ready to leave Utah. I have to say that Davis County (and a little bit of Weber County) kind of freaks me out. Maybe it is because everyone where's the same jeans and ha
s the same pair of boots and the same plastic surgeon. The hippy in me is freakin' ready to throw some organic tomatoes at all of them. I guess maybe I am just embracing the possibility of change. Let's face it, I've only lived outside of Utah for 2 years of my whole life. Those 2 years were spent in Kansas, none of which I even remember because-haha- I was 2 when we moved to Utah. I guess it's time for my 31 year-old-lady body to experience some cultu
re shock.

Also, I felt like posting this picture of Kyle. Here he is, in all his glory, wearing Jackson's baseball shirt that I accidentally order a tad (or a maybe a lot) too big. We all had a good laugh that dad could fit into 7-year-old Jack's t-shirt

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Okay ever since Ella was born I have had this nagging feeling that this stupid blog thing----this blog thing that completely freaks me out----it totally and completely necessary. I don't know why, I don't really want to know why. For some reason in my head I feel like it may be some crazy weird divine purpose, but whatever. So here I am, at the computer way past my bedtime, trying to findthe motivation to do some yoga because I am SOOOO freaking sore all over my body, yet I am so distracted by getting this blog going that I can't even think straight. I am a horrible journal keeper, horrible! I hate writing and thinking of person things to say, but for some reason, when I sit down to the computer I can just spit it all out.

So here I am, I am gonna try this. My kids are just as super awesome as yours. That's right, they are and I am not going to stop talking about it until you are really super sick of me. So that's where I am. My kids. That's who this is for. And maybe a little for me. Maybe to help me remember the good things and the the things that inspire me. Maybe it's for me to be just a little bit obnoxious because face it, that is what I am. Sorry M
om and Dad, but I blame you for my obnoxiousness. No filter, so don't expect one and you better just learn to like it.